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You Started It


As soon as Jiyeon felt his hand on her wrist, she felt like her heart was about to explode but she surpressed her feelings and stood there. His tone was softer with her than when he had first came in yelling at her. They both knew that they still clearly had something for each other. It wasn’t forbidden since they were both in Hydra, but they knew that if they were to be together, all that they would do is end up hurting one another. Even though Jiyeon has been alone most of her life after her father left, JB was the first to actually get close to her. But things have changed. He’s become a different person.

JB’s voice rang in her ears. Soon enough she felt his arms circle around her. It was like before. Except there were mutual feelings before and no real tension. “Y-yah…” She said. Jiyeon brought her hands up to his chest and looked at him. She realized how close their faces were to each other and Jiyeon blushed. “YAH!” She yelled out, shoving him off of her. It’s been a while…. But I can’t… “You should know better…” She whispered. Jiyeon cleared her throat and stood straight. “Well it’s obvious I came to visit you here, pabo…” She said “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you since we’re both busy with stuff.” Jiyeon made her way to the kitchen again but this time sitting up on the counter, her feet dangling. “Cook me something. I’m starving!” She lit up. The thought of food always took over. Especially food cooked by him.

Jiyeon missed everything about about JB. But it’ll never be the same. So Jiyeon decided to bury her feelings deep away.

The way she reacted toward their closeness only made Jaebum chuckle. He exactly knew why she did that also he had noticed the blush creep up her cheeks. He loved looking at her blush and he missed seeing her this way. I’ve missed you so much… He thought as he looked at the back of the girl who now was walking toward the kitchen, right when her voice reached his ears. His feet started to move on its own, guiding him to the kitchen as he looked around for his apron as if it was something normal for him to do.

“Yah. Get out, I will cook for you but it will be a surprise” He said as he found it and threw it on while getting his jacket off as well. “I haven’t cooked for…somebody since the last time…we saw each other.” His voice became tiny as he moved to the sink and opened the hot water handle. He looked over his shoulder to a Jiyeon sitting on the kitchen counter. Jaebum turned around and walked toward the demanding girl and looked at her in the eyes. “Yah. If I tell you to get out of this kitchen again, I will kiss you.” A smirk creep onto his lips as he looked at her in the eyes, his gaze trailing down her nose to her lips as he licked his lower lip.

His hand moved to her thigh. “Or…are you hungry for something else?” He raised an eyebrow and moved his lips closer to hers. “Jiyeon…I am not the same boy, you knew before..I am someone different and you know that better than anyone.” Whispers came out of his mouth while he looked back into her eyes. Plus, you will never know the real reason.


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